Scientific Information Bulletins (SIBs) address food science issues

6/03/2011 8:22:09 AM

The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) today released two new Scientific Information Bulletins (SIBs). The first is on the topic of Radioactive Fallout from the 2011 Japan Nuclear Plant Accident and Some Recommended Precautions and Countermeasures. The subject of the second IUFoST SIB is Food Composition Databases.

These SIBs present authoritative science on emerging and headline food science issues. SIBs are written by IUFoST experts for legislators, consumers, academic institutions and the more than 200,000 members of IUFoST Adhering Bodies worldwide. They are approved by the IUFoST Scientific Council.

“Radioactive isotopes are naturally present in the environment including those found in our bodies, food and water. However, potentially large amounts of radioisotopes may be discharged into the environment as a result of nuclear power plant failures/accidents.”"The recent event in Japan in March 2011 exposed the fragility of the food supply to radiation contamination.”

An examination of the potential, accidental contamination of people, air, water, crops or animals by uncontrolled amounts and types of radioactive materials arising from nuclear reactor accidents and recommended countermeasures is the subject of this IUFoST SIB on Radioactive Fallout from the 2011 Japan Nuclear Plant Accident and Some Recommended Precautions and Countermeasures.

The IUFoST Scientific Council acknowledges, with thanks, the work of authors Dr. James Moy, Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology IAFoST, and Professor Emeritus of Food Engineering, University of Hawaii and Dr. Monique Lacroix, Professor at INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier, Laval, Quebec, Canada.

The second new IUFoST SIB examines Food Composition Databases (FCDBs). “The FCDBs provide detailed information on the nutritional composition of foods, usually from a particular country, or region, and have a variety of important uses. FCDBs usually contain values for energy and macro- and micronutrients for each of the foods listed representing the main foods consumed in that country or region.”What they are, how the data is compiled, quality assurances, sustainability and where the databases can be found are all addressed by authors Dr. Simone Bell, EuroFIR AISBL, Belgium; Dr. Paolo C Colombani, SwissFIR Consumer Behavior, Switzerland; and Dr. Paul Finglas, Head, Food Databanks of the Institute of Food Research, UK; on behalf of the IUFoST Scientific Council.

These and the other titles in the series of IUFoST Scientific Information Bulletins provide an outline of the scientific principles involved in the topic, underpinned by the scientific expertise of the authors of each SIB and including provision of key and scientifically reliable online and other sources of further information on the topic. They are available online at The IUFoST Scientific Council is the body responsible for the quality and integrity of IUFoST science activities. It is elected by the General Assembly from International Academy Fellows nominated by the Academy.

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