Food Price Rises Again Impacting The World

5/31/2011 2:26:24 AM

The sharp increases in fuel prices are one of the contributing factors to rising food prices around the world. The prices are hurting American consumers but in other countries they are having very serious effects; in fact the wave of revolution sweeping the Arab world was sparked by high food prices in Tunisia. There are several factors beside fuel costs, including abnormal weather in large food growing areas such as Australia and Russia, and speculators, who are playing with food prices as they recently played with housing prices in the United States.

Food prices are rising, but the impact is not being felt equally around the world, says environmentalist Lester Brown, the founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute.

Brown says the world's rapidly expanding population has created elevated demand for grain, milk, cheese and eggs, but changes in climate and irrigation have made it increasingly difficult to increase production accordingly. Increased demand has also stripped the world of much of its excess crop surpluses.

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