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5/17/2011 15:05:19 PM

Each year, brands spend billions of dollars for advertising, sampling campaigns, and the printing and distribution of coupons to encourage consumers to try their products over their competitor’s product. Brands continuously struggle to make sure those billions of dollars don’t fall on deaf ears. For most consumers, scouring the Internet, local newspapers, and coupon mailers in search of printable coupons, grocery coupons, and free samples is often more work than they are willing to invest. Many consumers say they would love an easy and simple way to order a sample of a product, discuss their findings with fellow consumers, and then make an educated decision on what product line to buy.

That’s why, one of the oldest, most respected and up-to-date savings portal websites, has partnered with all of the major coupon aggregators to display the best printable coupons in one easy-to-use directory. Rising gas and food prices are contributing to a great awareness of the importance of shaving dollars from the weekly grocery bill. According to a recent survey conducted by NCH Marketing Services, coupon users report an average of 11.5 percent savings on their grocery bill by using coupons. That means that a family of four spends approximately $200 to $300 per week on groceries with an average saving of $100 or more per month.

“It’s no secret that the Internet is becoming the primary way we interact with co-workers, business partners, friends, and family,” says Brandt Held, CEO of “Now savvy consumers are going online for grocery coupons, printable coupons, and free samples of everything from children’s health care products to soy sauce to eye care.”

According to the same survey conducted by NCH Marketing Services, shoppers saved $3.7 billion with coupons in 2010 – that’s a $20 million increase from 2009 – and marketers distributed 332 billion coupons for packaged goods in 2010, the largest quantity ever recorded in the United States. “Through this survey, we’ve also learned that the average coupon in 2010 had a face value of $1.46 – up 6.6 percent from 2009 – and that 26 percent of coupons required the purchase of two or more items,” Held explains. With 78 percent of consumers regularly using coupons, these statistics mean billions of dollars for brands trying to encourage consumers to try their products and billions of dollars in savings for the savvy consumers using aggregated savings portal websites like was founded as a savings community to offer online coupons, coupon codes, grocery coupons, printable coupons, and free samples to a strong community of users who rate and discuss the various money saving offers online. With over 2,000 active printable coupons and more being added daily, is an easy-to-use, comprehensive directory, so consumers no longer have to sort through thousands of search results.

Founded as a savings community to bridge the gap between brands and consumers, brings together the best brand name free samples, coupons, and money saving offers on one simple and free website.

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