AVILA – African Caribbean Food & Grocery delivered to your doorstep in the UK

4/20/2011 2:41:22 AM

Avilah Online is a UK based African Caribbean food and online grocery retail organisation. The company currently trades under the AVILA brand, and its service and promotional offers are accessible to all customers in the UK (England, Wales and Scotland) and Europe. The main focus of the organisation is to build an online channel that will serve multiple purposes.

The vision is to build an indigenous African Caribbean global retail brand that will give African Caribbean customers more value for money, variety and quality products in the convenience of their homes and offices. This is also aimed at driving the accessibility and acceptability of the African Caribbean food and cuisines amongst African Caribbeans and other cultures.

This channel will also serve as a platform for African-Caribbean suppliers to gain easier access to the global markets and consumers by leveraging its extensive global distribution network.

The intuitive website currently holds one of the widest varieties of African Caribbean products accessible from a single channel, where customers in selected areas can order the ethnic products they crave so much and get them delivered to their door step.

The organisation seeks to bridge the gap and raise the ante in the industry by providing quality customer service, continuous product and service improvement, promotions, superior quality products, customer relationship management and value for money.

The payment processing is handled by the prestigious Royal Bank of Scotland World Pay service to guarantee the security of cardholder data. Customers also have the option to pay by bank transfer on request.

The growth rate has been impressive since commencing full operations in January 2011 and word of mouth referrals from delighted customers has been pivotal to such accelerated growth.

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