Grocery Shopping Network Announces Strategic Partnership With Vertis Communications

3/17/2011 13:31:03 PM

Minneapolis, MN (Vocus/PRWEB) Grocery Shopping Network (GSN) is pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic partnership with Vertis Communications (Vertis). This new partnership will enable food retailers that utilize Vertis Inserts2online® For Grocers (Vertis I2O) to generate new revenue, achieve greater return on investment, build brand awareness, increase site traffic, increase store traffic, and boost sales.

"Like Vertis, GSN is an extremely data-focused company. We have compiled an extensive, industry leading database that contains volumes of information on consumer shopping behavior, allowing GSN to connect consumers with resources that optimize their shopping experience," said Scott Lutz, CEO and President of Grocery Shopping Network. "We are committed to harnessing the power of digital communications to improve the shopper experience by assisting consumers who are seeking convenience as well as cost and time savings. The combination of Vertis I2O client sites and our display advertising network will ensure shoppers have the most relevant information when deciding what to purchase."

This new strategic partnership will provide Vertis I2O clients access to GSN's display advertising network, which operates on more than 90 websites throughout the USA and Canada. As grocers build display advertisements into their online circular pages, they will create new revenue streams while providing product-specific information to shoppers as they are planning their grocery purchases. Grocers will also have the ability to collect and review consumer-data gathered from the display ads featured on their site, allowing participating grocers to monitor their advertisements performance, evaluate its impact, and identify high growth trends.

"Consumers buying everything from televisions to tortillas are researching purchases before they set foot in a store," said Jerry Sokol, Interim President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of Vertis Communications. "Grocers need to be online with savings opportunities, product information, and shopper tools that consumers can use to plan their trips to the store. Our new partnership with GSN will give grocers the power to connect with their customers while generating revenue and driving sales. It's a win-win all around."

About the Grocery Shopping Network, Inc.:

Grocery Shopping Network, Inc. connects consumers, retailers, and brands through its premier content, advertising, and software for retail websites. The company's platform enables consumers to quickly plan a shopping trip or place an order online while providing savings as well as time and menu planning benefits. With GSN OutReach™ advertisers and retailers can target and reach their brand's highest potential power shoppers from a national to neighborhood level utilizing premium publisher sites. GSN StoreSite™, with strategic partners, delivers retail & grocery websites in top US markets for brands to target consumers as they plan and shop online. GSN InSight™ provides advertising campaign ROI analysis backed by POS transaction data from over 40 million loyalty card holders.

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