Real Food Grocery's Online Nutrition Store Takes the Guess Work Out of Buying Supplements

3/15/2011 12:56:44 PM

Veteran online retail store, Real Food Grocery takes the guess work out of choosing supplements and nutritional products by doing the research and leg work for its thousands of customers. Real Food Grocery’s philosophy is to find the best nutritionals in each category. “We sell, for example, the best probiotic on the market, why would we sell the second or third best to our customers?” says Andy Hopkins, Real Food Grocery’s owner. “We like to think that we do the shopping for our customers, they can trust our judgment because it’s backed by our Nutrition Advisory Board’s combined 80 years in the natural products retail industry.” Real Food Grocery had added a revolutionary product that is clinically proven to lower blood sugar. "Glucaloe by Lily of the Desert is new and innovative" and has multiple links to outside resourses to help educate the consumer. A new anti-aging product has also been added to the product mix at Real Food Grocery. The Gift for Life is an exciting new product that add vim and vigor to the life of aging canines and felines. Hopkins says "I give this to my 12 year golden retriever, Nicholas. He acts half his age." Learn more about The Gift

Real Food Grocery has a wide selection of products to help its customers build a strong immune system and promote health and vitality. Its product descriptions are more than just an ingredient list; they are explanations of why a product might be an important part of the daily regimen for consumers. Many links to free articles and newsletters are available. “Educating folks is a critical part of our philosophy; we strive to fill in the blanks for our customers so they know why a certain product is important for them.” Here’s an example of the lengths that Real Food Grocery goes to provide information about products and health concerns, by providing links to top notch outside professional resources.

Customers of Real Food Grocery receive free newsletters and notices about health topics and occasionally a free product with purchase and discounts. You are invited to visit Real Food Grocery to see their wide array of products and information.

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