Marco and a very tasty restaurant deal: Chef offers one-off £50,000 payment in his name

10/26/2011 2:16:41 AM

The days when you could expect to eat food prepared by Marco Pierre White at a restaurant bearing his name are long gone.

Now even the chances of bumping into the Hell’s Kitchen star at these venues are remote.

This week details of how the chef allows restaurants to use his name for a one-off £50,000 licensing fee and a share of the turnover are contained in legal papers filed at the High Court.

They reveal that the chef will make a set number of personal appearances at the venue as part of the deal, but any additional visits will be charged at £25,000 a day plus VAT.

White, 49, is suing former business partners Andrew Parton and Peter Featherman.

The dispute centres on the Yew Tree Inn and restaurant in Highclere, Hampshire, which until the beginning of this year was called Marco Pierre White’s Yew Tree Inn.

White, who bought a 32 per cent stake in the company that owns the business in 2005, claims he was later frozen out.

He had expected to receive a 38 per cent share in a new company being set up following a decision to restructure the shares.

But last December he found out he no longer had any stake, even though it had continued to trade under his name.

His lawyers insist White’s former partners must compensate him or pay him for the use of his name in line with his licensing agreements.

The documents state: ‘The claimant has entered into a number of licensing arrangements for the use of his names in pubs and restaurants which typically require a one-off fee of £50,000 (plus VAT) and a royalty of five per cent of gross turnover of the business.’

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