Girl Scouts Offering a "Locavore" Badge

10/16/2011 19:45:28 PM

Once upon a time, Girl Scouts received badges for staying fit, enjoying nature, and peddling cookies. Now, for the first time in 25 years, they can also win a badge for achievement in a wide variety of increasingly relevant fields. In an October 12 All Things Considered report, Girl Scouts of the America spokesperson Alisha Niehaus told host Guy Raz that scouts could earn a badge for Financial Literacy, Website Design, Entertainment Technology. There is also a Science of Happiness Badge and -- naturally -- a badge for being a "Locavore."

Just what a small girl needs to do to earn a Locavore badge isn't clear -- calls in to the Girl Scouts of America were not immediately returned -- but whether they're making change for customers at farmers markets or feeding chickens on a local farm, we're all for it. One person's child labor is another's community service.

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