'Adults-only' ice cream truck cools down Chicago

8/01/2011 1:49:12 AM

Meet what is probably the country's lone "adults-only" ice cream truck.

In a stunt designed to send chills through 84-degree Chicago, Dove ice cream parked a truck serving its frozen confections in Daley Plaza in Chicago. The catch? It was aimed at adults, not kids. No wonder, given that the crew was giving away free Dove bars, massages and manicures.

As if that wasn't enough, Dove had Ralph Macchio, the original Karate Kid and a recent contestant on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, on hand to meet and greet. After two days in the Windy City, including tomorrow, the truck makes stops in Minneapolis and Baltimore. (Where will it be? Check Dove bar's Facebook page here.)

"We created a one-of-a-kind ice cream truck to help adults relive their childhood, but in a truly decadent, grown-up way," says Craig Hall, general manager of Mars Chocolate North America.

Dove wasn't too harsh in enforcing the adults-only rule for its givewaway. Kids who were in the company of their parents were allowed to get in on the action. But to discourage tykes from grabbing free ice cream bars, the upscale truck was parked in a business district where the young rarely prowl. Plus, this truck doesn't have loudspeakers blaring children's songs for blocks around.

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