Chocolate, Vanilla, or … Garlic?

7/12/2011 23:48:52 PM

Ice-cream makers take a turn toward the savory side.

More than 25 years ago, Ronald Reagan deemed July National Ice Cream Month, but he probably never imagined lobster being swirled into cones. Small-town parlors are now employing bacon, spices, and even garlic in their treats. While offbeat flavors account for only a fraction of the 1.5 billion gallons of frozen desserts produced each year, national chains want in on the trend. Baskin-Robbins offers Creole Cream Cheese; Ben & Jerry’s Late Night Snack contains chocolate potato chips; and on Aug. 5, MaggieMoo’s adds Buttered Popcorn to its menu. Here’s a survey of the more inventive flavors.


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