Supermarkets Explode With Sales for July 4

7/04/2011 2:46:25 AM

This week’s grocery specials take advantage of the Fourth of July holiday: good for the grocers in bringing in business, better for the consumer in heightened food savings. With the volume of specials that exist, this might be one of those times when it is worth the effort—and gas—to go to more than one store.

Vons – At the peak of corn season, Vons has sweet white or bi-color corn at five ears for $1. Fresh pork spareribs are on special again at $1.97 a pound. Twelve-packs of Coca Cola, Pepsi and 7-Up cans are buy-two-get-three-free! Vons is also having a batch of different items on sale each day from through Monday.

Albertsons – Albertsons is big on its store coupons. In this week’s mail flier, there are several. Wild-caught three-ounce lobster tails are $3.99 each with a store coupon. Oscar Meyer meat or turkey franks are only $1.39 with coupon. Like making s’mores? Albertsons has on sale Nabisco Honey Maid graham crackers at $2.99 a box. Hershey’s chocolate bars in a six-count package are $3. And 10-ounce bags of Jet-Air marshmallows are four-for-$5. In addition to the sale, there are coupons where, if all three specified items are purchased, you receive an additional $2 off.

Ralphs – Ralphs took more of a produce focus this week with Roma tomatoes on sale at .99 cents a pound. Hass avocados are four-for-$5 or $1.25 each. Sixteen ounce containers of strawberries are .99 cents. “Personal” watermelons are $1.88 each. Plus, Ralphs is having one of its 50-percent-off meat sales and another eight hour sale on selected items on Thursday.

Fresh & Easy – This week Fresh & Easy’s flier is twice the normal size, which means twice the deals. Mixed grill meat, quarter-pounder pack of 80/20 beef patties, or chili, citrus and cilantro chicken, are offered at $6.99. Packages average four pounds. Four-pound packages of strawberries are $3.92. Nectarines or peaches are .98 cents a pound. Whole, seedless watermelon is $2.28, average weight 12 pounds. Plus, there is an extra $10 coupon off a $50 purchase in the flier—twice the normal amount! Prices good until July 5.

Smart & Final – Smart & Final joins the celebration with First Street boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale at $1.77 a pound. Asparagus is only $1.99 a pound. A four-pound bag of Montecito tortilla chips is $3.69 and 16-ounce Pace salsa is $1.99. Other party favorites are also on sale, in larger size packaging, such as Red Baron pizza at $3.99 and five-quart First Street ice cream at $5.69. If more meat is needed for those BBQ’s then get to Smart & Final in the morning to snag its meat department clearance items. Store opens at 8 a.m. All prices are good until July 5.

Note: These are just a fraction of the sales offered this week. Remember to check each of the grocer’s fliers—as well as their websites—for featured coupons and additional, unadvertised specials.

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